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  • I was amazed to see how many different types of birds you got there! I love that parrot (Chips), he makes me laugh when he talks!

    Posted by Robert James, from Cwmbran. 13/10/2005 5:58pm (12 years ago)

  • A very well presented and informative website.

    Posted by Dean, from Mid Glam. 11/10/2005 8:09am (12 years ago)

  • What a wonderful place and superb work being carried out. I was very impressed with the place, the warm welcome but, most of all the fact that the owls looked happy. I felt honoured to be so close to owls that in the wild would not be so easily visible, to share their life for a few moments was indeed a treat.

    Posted by Conrad Burt, from Falkirk. 29/09/2005 6:14pm (12 years ago)

  • I visited the Owl Sanctuary with my wife on Sat 24/09/2005.A dreary,wet day was soon forgotten on seeing so many beautiful Owls and birds of prey.
    Brilliant,keep up the good work.

    Posted by Geoff Hines, from Doncaster,South Yorks. 28/09/2005 2:50pm (12 years ago)

  • An excellent and informative experience for both staff and pupils.Well done to you all and look forward to visiting again in the near future. :-) [B]

    Posted by p.Jenkins, from Newbridge Comp. 26/09/2005 12:16pm (12 years ago)

  • I visited it for the first time on the 17th of September and it was brill! I would like to thank Mr malcolm Jones for letting me hold the barn owl. I am going to try and adopt an owl because they are magnificent creatures!

    Posted by Hannah, from Pontypridd. 20/09/2005 8:05pm (12 years ago)

  • Fantastic! My kids love visiting the sanctuary and getting up close with these amazing birds. Also well done to all the staff down there who are spot on.

    Posted by Paul, from Abertillery. 17/09/2005 2:30pm (12 years ago)

  • well done on the amazing work! where would these beautiful creatures be without you?

    Posted by Kim, from Quakers Yard. 17/09/2005 12:49pm (12 years ago)

  • great work, Healthy birds, friendly staff .

    Posted by MICHAEL JOHN FEDELI, from CARDIFF, ST MELLONS. 14/09/2005 12:17pm (12 years ago)

  • visited the sanctuary 11 09 05, my Birthday, with my Young Lady Ann-Marie, we have our own Eagle Owl and was very impressed with the birds and staff who where Very friendly and helpful, We will visit again ! [/B] :-)

    Posted by fannymike2005, from Cardiff, St Mellons.. 14/09/2005 12:11pm (12 years ago)

  • [B]Informative and well presented. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by maria nocivelli, from newport, gwent. 11/09/2005 4:37pm (12 years ago)

  • this is a brilliant website if you want to find out about owls. I also like the activity section. :D :p I found one fault though,while making the barn owl story i realised noise was misspelt you spelt it 'noice' when it is actually spelt 'noise' :eek: i also like the sanctuary it is a good way to spend a couple of hours. :-) ;-) :D :p

    Posted by Louise Hicks, from Ystrad Mynach. 06/09/2005 9:56am (12 years ago)

  • I can't believe the time and effort put in by these dedicated volunteers, an excellent resource and vital for the area's birds and other wildlife. Maybe local government should be supporting and rewarding them. :-)

    Posted by Steve, from Victoria, Ebbw Vale. 05/09/2005 10:23pm (12 years ago)

  • The owl sanctuary is a great place to visit and I visit every time I'm at the park. Also as I was Riding on the Land - Train through the park I saw a small Bird of prey Eating/Killing a magpie and when the train went past it flew off with the Magpie in its mouth!

    Posted by Jamie Wertheim, from Ebbw Vale. 31/08/2005 9:49pm (12 years ago)

  • the staff at the sanctuary are doing a fantastic job it takes some doing to look after all those birds [B][/B] :-)

    Posted by phillip beynon, from neath. 31/08/2005 12:14pm (12 years ago)

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