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  • Hi Guys,
    Just dropped by to see the site and it looks great. Will catch up with you all soon. Keep up the good work!

    Rhys (Snakeman)

    Posted by Rhys Jones, from Cardiff. 25/11/2005 11:50am (12 years ago)

  • Hi
    Picked up your web site after watching programme on bbc2..we will be on holiday at end of June 2006 in Talibont and will defiately come to see you whilst we're there.. good luck.
    Harry & Marilyn..Love the site.

    Posted by Harry Grewer, from BURY LANCASHIRE. 20/11/2005 6:32pm (12 years ago)

  • What are you opening days/hours? Thanks!

    Posted by Kim Leffingwell, from Carmarthenshire. 17/11/2005 2:02pm (12 years ago)

  • I'd like to say a big thank you for the talk you gave to the Darby & Joan Club in Aberfan on 12th October 2005. We've had some really positive feedback from the group and the children from Mount Pleasant had a great time. It was a fantastic afternoon :D

    Posted by Leanne Crawford, from Groundwork Merthyr. 16/11/2005 3:17pm (12 years ago)

  • loved feeding mr chips and holding a owl. I also liked the man who knew lots of things about the birds and owls. I would like to say a great big thank you to him for telling me so much.I hope my kestrel Miny is ok! :-) :-)

    Posted by Jed Morris, from Ton Pentre. 07/11/2005 8:36pm (12 years ago)

  • I visited the owl sanctuary on Saturday after visiting the shops in the festival park, i'm a regular at the festival park, and only last weekend ventured down to the owl sanctuary, what a wonderful place, i fell in love with all the birds. My little boy Jac was really enthralled with them too, and we will be definately visting again and we will also tell all our friends and family to make a trip too. :-)

    Posted by Kelly James, from Bedlinog. 02/11/2005 12:40pm (12 years ago)

  • What can be done to help this organisation to receive public grants or funding.Its a disgrace that it should have to rely on charitable contributions only.It deserves every assistance for expansion and ongoing maintenance.

    Posted by Marcelle Davies, from Brecon. 30/10/2005 2:06pm (12 years ago)

  • [B]6000[/B]
    Well done on reaching 6000 visitors on this site.
    Great site, Great place, Well Done!

    Posted by Jamie, from Ebbw Vale. 26/10/2005 6:47pm (12 years ago)

  • Like Traci, I was amazed to see such beautiful owls at the garden centre and felt honoured to have one perch on my arm. Little did I realise, grumbling about the onset of middle age by being dragged to the garden centre, that I would actually be able to regress back to the pleasures of childhood! That Eagle Owl made my day!

    Posted by Matt, from Tongwynlais. 25/10/2005 3:27pm (12 years ago)

  • I am visiting family for half term,can you imagine my surprise when visiting caerphilly garden centre to see birds of prey there,after meeting malcolm jones (birdman)and his lovely staff Tam,Luke and Matthew we all had a thoroughly wonderful day,both of my children had photographs taken with different owls,i for one will definately be visiting the owl sanctuary in ebbw vale before i go home at the end of the week,well done boys keep itup.xxxxxxxx :rolleyes: ;-) ;-) ;-) :p :p :p ;-)

    Posted by Traci, from Chelmsford. 23/10/2005 10:25pm (12 years ago)

  • So nice to see the birds and the fact that someone is doing something to help such a fasinating species of bird. Will be back again.

    Posted by Gareth Culley, from Rhyl. 19/10/2005 9:33pm (12 years ago)

  • :eek:
    I am 4 years old and I love coming to see the owls. My favourite owl is the Snowy Owl

    Posted by benedict bray, from Blaenavon. 19/10/2005 4:31pm (12 years ago)

  • What a lovely collection of birds, so healthy and happy looking. I wish I lived nearer, so I could be a regular visitor. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Peter Morgan, from Porthcawl. 18/10/2005 8:10pm (12 years ago)

  • I love this website it is alright to do for a couple of ours i realy like the storys but what i found out was that you spelt "noise" like noice but it is realy enjoyable :D

    Posted by Alanis hill, from dumfries. 16/10/2005 3:53pm (12 years ago)

  • I loved having the chance to hold the owls. :-)

    Posted by Alanis Hill, from Dumfries. 16/10/2005 3:25pm (12 years ago)

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