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  • I was recently at the Augusta house fete and was thoroughly impressed with your dispaly, knowledge and care for the birds. This is not the first time I have seen you out and about and I am always impressed.

    I am helping organise a fete at Risca RFC on the 9th August and was would love it if you could bring some of your birds to show at this event. You can contact me on my email address.

    Posted by Mark Mahoney, from Crosskeys. 31/07/2008 1:56pm (9 years ago)

  • hi malcolm came over last week to see about a barn owl chick you said they be ready in a couple of weeks was just wondering how they doing and is there a set date when i can collect hoping to here from you soon gareth

    Posted by gareth hawkins, from pontypool. 07/07/2008 7:09pm (9 years ago)

  • Are the owls there today?

    Hope to see you later.

    Posted by stefan, from cardiff. 04/06/2008 8:08am (9 years ago)

  • Dear Malcolm, We really enjoyed our visit to the sanctuary, especially meeting Speedy and the baby Owls. Thankyou for your kindness

    Posted by Paige (4) Oli (1) and Lana (1) Hicks, from Trowbridge. 17/05/2008 1:40pm (9 years ago)

  • Hi
    I want to bring my children up to see the owls on Tuesday, are the owls going to be there then?


    Posted by James, from Cwmbran. 15/05/2008 7:27pm (9 years ago)

  • :-) :-) :-) :-) I came to the sanctuary on Saturday and I am really impressed. It is great to see these magnificent birds well cared for. Malcom Jones was really helpful and is a credit to the sanctuary. I took lots of photographs and I cant wait to come back!!! ;-) [/B][I]

    Posted by Christina Reeves, from Aberdare. 28/04/2008 5:36pm (9 years ago)

  • hi im emily
    i recently visited your owl sanctuary in ebbw vale
    me and my brother drew pictures of owls and wrote a note saying please put these pictures on the wall will you do that and put them up .... please x.......its fun and the owls are lush

    it is brill and fab and you get to hold an owl but all the boys were scared

    love em

    Posted by emily, from wales. 27/03/2008 10:06am (9 years ago)

  • I visited the Owl Sanctuary for the first yesterday and fell in love with the place and the birds. It is a fabulous facility and as it is run by the kind donations of visitors, I would love a way to donate the sanctuary on a monthly basis.
    I bought my camera along and was very lucky to get some amazing photos of the birds and to be allowed into the pen to take photos of Smoky Joe, the 11 month old Great Grey Owl... he is adorable and very big...
    I would love to see the sanctuary advertised more to bring more people to the birds, s they too can stare in awe at their beauty... a amazing place that all should visit....

    Posted by Kate Morris, from Blackwood. 26/03/2008 11:56am (9 years ago)

  • I from Poland but I see this Park. This Park is very very great!!
    And owl is very beautiful

    Posted by Veronica, from Poland. 03/03/2008 2:31pm (10 years ago)

  • Visited in November, weather was poor but sanctuary was great. Coming to Wales over Easter hope to pay you another visit.

    Posted by Peter James, from Kent. 12/02/2008 9:35pm (10 years ago)

  • I had an interesting chat at Abertillery on the 6th of December, I will contact you in the New Year

    Posted by Firefighter Adrian Bell, from Community Safety Department Malpas. 27/12/2007 10:50am (10 years ago)

  • I was given one of the best birthday presents ever. My brother and his family adopted one of the barn owls for me and named him Bernard (after my husband)

    It would be wonderful if I could see how he was doing on this web site.

    Posted by Pat McGraghan, from Honeybourne. 29/11/2007 12:05pm (10 years ago)

  • Today I visited your sanctuary and I really thought it was brilliant.
    I was really excited to see the same owl that Harry Potter owns and thought the Vultures were scary !!!
    I got to hold a small owl on my hand and then a really massive one which was awesome dude.
    There were lots of birds to see and everyone was really nice.
    I couldn't see any t-shirts for sale but if you get some I would love to buy one and I will be coming back soon.
    I'm going to bring my brother and mum next time because I think that they will like it too.
    Thank-you for a great time.
    Tanis xxx

    (This message has been typed by Tanis' Dad as he is only 5 yrs old, but these are his words and he was so enthusiastic about what he saw, he had to come on-line and see the website -thankyou to all the voluntary staff who made it a great day )

    Posted by Tanis Herbert, from Blackwood. 04/11/2007 7:04pm (10 years ago)

  • Will be returning next time my son and I are in the area, we were impressed by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and of course the magnificent work you do.

    Posted by Suzy, from Caerphilly. 24/10/2007 4:48pm (10 years ago)

  • B HI, my Grandfather "mike davies" does volentear work down the owl sauntury. i come down with hin some times. thomas the little owl is GREAT! hi to all the staff

    Posted by Corey, from Crumlin. 25/09/2007 7:06pm (10 years ago)

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